Effective communication Right decisions In the light of knowledge SERVA…

In the changing and developing foreign trade environment day by day, in order to provide the best, most accurate, optimal and in time services with our young and dynamic staff and experienced management team, by keeping pace with the requirements of time and in anticipation of the conditions of the future, we’ve been established with the principle of excellence in every field by holding the legal obligations and ethical values on the front. We are progressing in this light of principle.


Our Company Policy is Our Guide To Reach Our Vision.


  • To provide quick and creative solutions in an effective and efficient way to our customers in a mutual communication environment.
  • To fulfill all legal requirements.
  • To be dynamic. To ensure continuous improvement by adopting innovations.
  • Taking all precautions to ensure that business continuity continues uninterrupted.
  • To protect the privacy and integrity and to make accessible the information of our company and business partners.
  • To be open to communication with all channels.
  • To increase motivation of our employees by contributing to the personal development through continuous education.
  • To ensure a safe and secure work environment for our employees by keeping occupational health and safety at the forefront.
  • Acting in line with the philosophy based on win-win results with our business partners.
  • To be transparent and traceable under all conditions.
  • To provide collective benefit to the society and environment with the sense of responsibility.


Our Mission:

It is to provide mutual commitment and loyalty by considering the satisfaction and demands of our customers in frame of the legislation with team work, which is dynamic, solution oriented, believing in the necessity and importance of strong communication and to persist in the sector with our transparent management understanding and our ethical values from our establishment with utilizing all the opportunities of technology.


Our Vision:

Serva Gümrük Müşavirliği A.Ş. has established its vision to be the best brand of the sector in Turkey and to operate in the international field with the service that proved its reliability in the sector with adopted values such as honesty and fairness as principle, keeping customer satisfaction in front, proposing optimum solutions in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation and utilizing all opportunities of technology.